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Articulated Crayfish

3D model description

Model crayfish with 21 points of articulation.

I'm entering it in the #OnSuchAFullSea competition, though technically it's not a fish... and it's a freshwater animal not marine! Shhh, hopefully no one will notice!

The claws and tail segments are designed to use pieces of 1.75mm filament offcuts as hinges. All 10 legs are attached to the body on ball joints. No glue required, though it may help if the main parts feel too loose.

Modelled and sculpted in Blender. Plated and prepared for export in 3ds Max.

3D printing settings

This model is designed to print without support.

Some of the parts require very good platform adhesion so they don't fall over. PLA works very well on blue painter's tape. Alternatively set your slicer / print software to generate a "brim".

The hinge pin holes are sized at 2mm for making pins from 1.75mm filament offcuts. If you only use 3mm feedstock (eg. Ultimaker) you could resize the model to 150%. At this scale the biggest piece will be just under 130mm tall.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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