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A340 1:200 single bed print

3D model description

This is a remix of the excellent original by RTicknor. All credit for the model goes to him! I'm just sharing the way I played with it to fit my needs (my son is plane-crazy, so simplified printing is a must).

Down-scaled to print on a single 200x200x180mm print bed. Now it's 1:200 scale.
Joined several parts to minimize gluing
Split wings and engines so they can print without supports
Added a new stand with the aircraft's name.
There are some significant overhangs needed to print the tail. As usual with overhangs, use finer Z resolution (0.15mm or thinner) and increase the number of walls (I used 4). The upside is you don't need any infill.

Assembled easily with Barge cement. I plan to sand and paint it, and will update image when done.

If you'd like to play with my edits, go right ahead:

  • 3D model format: STL




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