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4 Color Tigger - Multi Material Torture Test

3D model description

I thought it could be fun to take my old Tigger model and slice it for printing on the Palette+. Little did I know, the journey I was about to embark on to get this thing printed.

After I finally got it printed, I decided to label this as a torture test for multi material machines because it's a very tough, time consuming and filament consuming print.

If you're successful in printing one of these I'd love to see it. Also let me know if you find any good black filaments that don't bleed very much. :)

Watch the full video here:

3D printing settings

Printer: Robo R2 with Palette+
Black: Filamentum Traffic Black
White: Filamentum Traffic White
Layer Height: 0.1mm

  • 3D model format: STL





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