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3D Printer Friendly Rambone Slingshot

3D model description

This slingshot is based heavily on the infamous Rambone slingshot created by youtuber Joerg Sprave, but was designed with 3D printing in mind. When I looked for slingshots already available on Thingiverse, particularly the Rambone, many models required lots of supports or could only be printed in a way that would decrease their strength. So I set out to make this: a slingshot based on the Rambone that could also be printed without supports, would be strong, and very ergonomic.

And this is what I came up with! Let me show you its features! (Reference to Joerg Sprave's channel; he says that a lot). This slingshot can either use rubber strips, which is what I used, or rubber tubes. It is meant to be held with the round side of the handle facing toward yourself when you shoot, not away. I designed it to be printed with the flat side down. To ensure strength, I upped the infill to 50% and cranked the wall thickness to 5 parameters.

For the rubber, I used Theraband Gold from Amazon. You can get a 5" x 6' strip of that stuff for $10. For the pouch, I used some leather from an old belt. While you can easily make a pouch from some scrap leather, there are also cheap leather pouches on Amazon that would work much better than my silly belt pouch. Maybe ducktape would work too. No, it definitely would work. Ducktape can do anything. There are plenty of videos out there on how to tie the rubber to your slingshot. I found it to be very simple to do once I learned how. I also included some 10, 15, and 20 mm balls for ammo.

3D printing settings





Print with 5 or more parameters and top and bottom layers. I used esun PLA+ and it's extremely sturdy. Use a 50% or higher infil. Also using a brim isn't a bad idea, as every edge is rounded off, encouraging warping.

  • 3D model format: STL





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