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USB cable Organizer_Clip_Holder

3D model description

Looking at an old Nokia USB cable I came across, I liked the design of the 'integrated' cable organizer. Searching Thingiverse, I found that Heliobteixeira's posted something very similar to Nokia's design with 'integrated cable management'.

I took Heliobteixeira's STL file as a basis and started fiddling with the wall thickness and modifying the design quite a bit, until I was happy with its rigidity and snugness of how it snaps to the cable.

I have uploaded 3 versions:
- The 2.8 mm version fits probably most standard issued Samsung USB cables with a diameter of ~2.8 mm
- The 3.5 mm version is for slightly thicker USB cables with a diameter of ~3.5 mm
- The Braided version snaps snugly to the so called 'braided' type cables (this version is also designed for ~ 3.5 mm diameter cables, yet it has a slightly larger entry port compared to the other 3.5 mm version)

These are the designs that I could test with the various USB cables I have lingering around. For sure there will be many other cable thicknesses out there. Just try it and if it does not fit, scale the nearest matching design in your slicer until you are happy with it. Also material properties and printer accuracy do have an influence on how it snaps onto the cable. These print fast, so just try.

Usage: snap one end of the USB cable into the cable recess (it should fit snugly and should not slide over or fall of the cable), loop the rest cable and slide one loop at the time into the other end.

These print quite fast and are nice giveaways.

  • 3D model format: STL





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