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SD Card Storage

3D model description

Never misplace or lose your SD Cards (Standard and Mini) again, keep them all together with this simple storage design.

This is the second minimalistic design for data storage I have uploaded. Last post was for CD/DVD cases and this time it’s for Standard and Mini SD Cards. Attached pictures with instructions are pretty self-explanatory.

Advantages to this design are:

1. Minimum plastic. Much less plastic than OEM cases.

2. Minimum foot print and case size.

3. SD Card Holder works off the print table. No doors to slide, flip, or spin to open to store/retrieve the SD Cards. SD Cards lightly snap into holders

4. Case sides cut away for fingers, making for easy insertion and removal. Right or left hand use, SD Cards can be inserted/stored in any orientation.

5. Can write on case or stick labels on side of case.

6. Can print in colors and store/sort data that way. For fun, I did a patriotic theme with Red/White/Blue.

7. Standard SD Card holder size shown in pictures but a Mini holder file is included. Both use the same ends and links.

8. Comes with accessory link hinges and decorative ends. Can link cases together, fold, lay flat, and partially fold assemblies. Can stand up or lay down for use/storage. Great for packing into tight places or carry in your pocket. Or design your own case connectors and the sky’s the limit!

9. Assemble as many together as you want/need. Mix Standard and Mini SD cards in one hinged assembly.

Enjoy, Reamo

Notes: For all parts, orient/print vertically. Need clean, level table. Don’t over apply adhesive; you will seize up moving knuckles. Use, “SD CARD Enclosure 001” for Standard SD Cards, Use “SD CARD Enclosure-Mini 001” for mini-SD Cards and use “SD CARD Enclosure-Mini-Wide 001” to mix mini and standard cards in one hinged assembly.

  • 3D file format: STL





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