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ScribbleBot Body

3D model description

This body is used for holding the battery, motor and pens in a scribblebot or scribbling machine. In working with younger students (3rd through 6th grade) I discovered that the traditional scribbling machine that you build for yourself out of yogurt cups, tape, glue, etc., was a bit difficult to construct for smaller hands. Thus, I designed this model using Autodesk's 123D Design to serve as a body so that students could quickly get up and running with scribblebots. It still has enough flexibility to provide students opportunities for design and decoration, and from here they can move on to design their own from recycled items and spare parts.

3D printing settings

I print this out in PLA with 10% infill, rafts but no supports, layer height, 0.20mm.
Assembly of the scribblebot:
Use three pens of different color, attach through pen holders. Depending on size of pens, you may need to wrap a bit of tape around them to fit snuggly. Place a small DC motor inside the triangle holder. I use a piece of glue stick from a hot glue gun as an offset weight. This is what makes the motor shake. Insert the wires from the DC motor into the small holes on either side of the battery holder, and bend their ends so that they sit against the inside wall. When you are ready, place the AA battery inside the battery holder and off it goes!
NOTE: Version 9 is a bit more stable on the motor supports.
More info on scribblebots:
I purchased motors from:

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