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Raspberry Pi 4B Case

3D model description

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A Raspberry Pi 4B case with honeycomb vents. This has 384 different configurations.

Here is the matching Raspberry Pi 3B+ case.


  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B


This includes multiple mount configurations;
- 75 mm VESA mounts
- 100 mm VESA mounts
- 8020 mounts
- No mounts

Also included are multiple top configurations;
- Standard
- Slotted for display and camera ribbons
- 25 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm fan cutouts
- Clean version (great for modding and remixing)

And then there are different body styles
- Standard
- Full
- Slim

Mix and match 8 bases with 16 different tops and 3 different body styles. That's 384 different configurations.


To assemble you will need

  • A #6 -32 tap.
  • 4 x #6 -32 x 3/4 socket head cap screws.
  • (slim body) 4 x #6 -32 x 1/2 socket head cap screws.

More detailed instructions can be found here. Assembly Instructions.


8/11/2019 Update.

  • Added full body version.
  • Added slim body version.

8/16/2019 Update.

  • Added fan grills

This is remixed from 0110-M-P's design, however it is not compatible with it. This has a different bolt pattern.

  • 3D model format: STL





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Eh, different purpose, different design, yes. Anyway, thx for stating it out and for the link as well.

Thanks for the suggestion. However this case is primarily designed for passive cooling. Vents on the side are not best for this.

There are tons of cases out there for forced air cooling.

This is also open source and hosted on GitHub. It has a creative commons license and you are free to use and modify for personal and commecerial use.

Hello Mkellsy, thank you for this appealing model. I have a suggestion, though, for sake of a better ventilation (aka, more effective cooling): remove completely the honeycomb structure on the top of the case and put it on the side of the upper part. Doing this, the air flow will be forced to go over the hot circuits and you will have a better performance.

The 40mm fan is a bit too large to have the camera slot. You can route the ribbon through the screen ribbon slot.

am i missing the option i was searching for? the 40 mm fan and cable slot for the camera is not available/possible?