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r2d2 + arduino

3D model description

This is a derivation of the R2D2 robot to fit inside some elements provided by the bq robotics kit that allows it to move.

By now, its capable to follow a black line, and with an Android app by blueetooth is posible to control remotely to go forward, backward, left, right, turning the head and play sound.

You can watch the first steps in this video.

As this project was submitted to the "Support-free competition", the stl archives must been downloaded from myminifactory's website (you must register, but it's a nice web with good and tested designs ;)).

Please, don't print arduino_holder.stl hosted in thingiverse (yes from myminifactory), because it's not the latest version.

The Arduino program and the Android app will be public soon (now it's not very smart ;s).

3D printing settings

It can been printed at 0,2 mm height and 15% fill and "support free".
The left foot, right foot, and dome are recomended to print at 0.1 mm height.
The colors can be white outside parts, grey dome, and blue the lens, and inside parts corresponding the color of the robotics kit boxes.

It needs to buy an interruptor, a female power jack and an L-type male power jack (the arduino fits too much ;s).

For assembly, it needs:

* 27 u. M3 nuts

* 10 u. M3x10 bolts

* 11 u. M3x25 bolts

* 6 u. M3x40 bolts

The software version, such as all the sources, stls... you can download from github [0]


  • 3D file format: STL





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