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pseudomirrored WONNOM reality hook

3D model description

The 'pseudomirrored WONNOM reality hook' incorperates features of humans as well as plants and gems in its design.
One spark for this was a nature saving mobility device.

It is designed for the purpose of holding a daily bag or small backpack in the convinient reach of the rear seats
without letting residues of any kind get rubbed into the fabric whilst having some french fun on smoked, dirty asphalt.

The car it is supposed to be mounted to is the Renault ZOE.

It fits on the rods (dia.approx. 13,5mm) of the rear headrests.
With two of the 'pseudomirrored WONNOW reality hook' s the vehicle gains the possibility to span a cord, steelwire, clothingline or any similar kind of string between.

The bottom is seperated because it is designed to also hold a blanket for the seats. Just cut a small slot in the appropiate place of the blanket, insert the 'pseudomirrored WONNOM reality hook' with the larger end in the slot and clip on the ring.

The 'round WONNOW protection rings' will be added shortly, to provide the necessary hold for the blanket while having french fun,
with passengers in the back.

A 'gravitational WONNOM safety hook' will be added into the package if the backpack or workback/workpack do deserve so.

WON inspired, NOW influenced.
WON influenced, NOW inspired.
NOW inspired, WON influenced.
NOW influenced, WON inspired.


Fonts used in the renderings of this design:
'SunnySide' made by 'CybaPee Corporations'
'akaPotsley' made by 'akaType'

The 'pseudomirrored WONNOW reality hook' requires around 40 to 50 grams of material

Sliced with ideaMaker 3.3.0:
- for a 2018 Tronxy X3, .4 mm nozzle, .2 mm layer height, 32% infill, 10 shells, little bit of support = 43.5g

  • for a 2017 Anet A8 (acrylic), .25 mm nozzle, .16 mm layer height, 40% infill, 6 shells, little bit of support = 38.4g

3D printing settings

print as you feel comfortable.
Support should be given

You will need a metric screw, M4 with a length of about 20-25mm or so and an appropriate nut.
Diameter of the hole is 4.2mm and the slot holds a 7mm nut.

Insert the screw in the holder, from the inside out, slide the nut in the slot on the hook and screw it on the thread of the screw.

  • 3D model format: STL





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