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PC Fan Controller Box 3.5"

Download free 3D printer designs PC Fan Controller Box 3.5", HowardBDownload free 3D printer designs PC Fan Controller Box 3.5", HowardB

3D model description

Very good design by Aussie_ben, thanks for sharing it!

I remixed slightly to make a fully enclosed box for my Vantec Nexus Fan Controller - I'm using it for my 40mm fans on the stepper motors, so wanted it enclosed.

Using Sketchup, I literally sliced/copied the one full side of the box, flipped the orientation and attached to the open side of the box. I moved the middle screw holes on each side by 5mm towards the back so the controller front would fit flush.

A bit of a tight fit, but it fits nonetheless. If I were to print again, I would scale up by 1%.

- I've included the SKP file I used.
- "Fan Controller Cover.stl" - this is the file I printed via Simplify3D using an SD Card
- "Fan_Controller_Cover_Fixed_MakePrintable.stl" - I ran the above file though Make Printable, as Cura/Sl1cer seemed to find errors. Check your preview before printing.

  • 3D model format: STL





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