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Note 2 Dash Cam Mount

3D model description

I use my Note 2 to listen to music while I drive, but I wanted to use it as a dash cam as well. It sounded like another perfect opportunity to make a custom mount. Wanting to avoid suction cups that could fall off and to keep it away from the sun, I chose to hang it from the sun visor. Unless you drive a Ford Mondeo and have a Note 2 with this particular cover, you won't be able to just print it and use it as is. Just the same, here it is.

In one of the pics, you will see a clip holding the Hanging Hook and the Shade Bracket. That is just to stop it from spinning when braking or turning hard. That's because the vertical spin axis is off center. I had to do that to place it as far away from my field of vision, but still be able to hang it from the visor. Without the clip, it won't fall, but will spin with most any turn, acceleration or deceleration.

By the way, the dash cam app that I use is called AutoGuard.

3D printing settings

Printed with about 40% infill, with no supports.

  • 3D model format: STL





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