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Multi Angle Phone Stand

3D model description

I am addicted to Netflix lately. Earbuds and phone stand are every-day-carry in my pocket. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with the reflection on my glossy screen but I am no fan of screen protectors which kill the beauty of premium phones (in my opinion).

All I need is adjust the angle of my phone to put the reflection away. Sometimes we sit high, sometimes low, the angle changes according to the tables and chairs.

There are phone stands in the market which have multi-angle capabilities, but most of them are not pocket-friendly, not about the price but the size.

Then I bumped into this minimal design based on my previous fix-angle phone stand designs. Made up of three parts, plug-n-play, and the spinning part can be a fidget in waiting time.

3D printing settings

Orientations are served in photos. You can put those three parts in a single print.

Dimension : 15 mm x 15 mm x 65 mm
Printer : Creality Ender-3
Material : PLA
Layer height : 1.6 mm (to give best plug-n-play experience)
Speed : 50 mm/s
Infill : 20%
Support : Touching Buildplate
Time : 1 Hour 27 Minutes

  • 3D file format: STL





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