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mr GOO!

3D model description

mr Goo! is here for the CORPORATE GIFT challenge....

The cute and handsome mister GOO! parts can be printed and combined with a magigoo stick (50ml) form a mister nice guy for on your desk or near 3d printer...

Pull of is head, use the magigoo stick on your heatbed and make mr GOO! happy again to give back his head.

mr GOO! is always there for you , patiently waiting to do his job ....

As a coporate gift he will be very pleased to make customers smile and for 3d prints make them stick....

mr GOO! (himself)

all parts are now made into.stl ! the fully printed mr GOO! will soon follow with himselfies....

how to build:

-print both upperleg/underleg and feet 2 times.
-head only one time (logical)

how connect the upperleg part with the underleg part?

-the idea is to unfold a paperclip and put some pieces of it in the small holes from the legs and then put them together.

-the upperhipball part can be connected to the bodypart with a office rubber band, cut this at one side and get it thru the bodypart, then put it in the hip part without the rectangleside make a loop back thru the side with the rectangle go back thru the bodypart and do the same with the other leg.
After that pull the string tight make a knot and ready your legs are.
Connect both feet to the underlegpart, and last but no least put the head on the lid
here he is mr GOO! himself

(see the photo's --not here yet-- )

have phun

3D printing settings

layer height 0.1 mm
first layer 0.1mm
temp pla: 195 C
bed 50C

and of course USE mr GOO! at your hotbed :-)

  • 3D model format: STL



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