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Modpack for Quadruped Mini

3D model description

Here I share my modifications done to the Mini Quadruped from TheCASE.

  • Changed the backbone to have a 6V battery storage (2x2 AA batterys)
  • Added a mounting plate on top of the battery pack
  • Changed the leg for more stability (hexagon)

At the moment the arduino board and the servos are powered by the same power source from the adafruid board. Not sure if that is the best way. Let me know about your ideas.
I am still working on the program code.

Here a first result:

3D printing settings

I am using this hardware:

  • Arduino Micro board
  • Adafruid 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver - I2C interface - PCA9685
  • IR Receiver module TSOP34838 for 38kHz
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor module HC-SR04
  • 2x2 battery box ( search: Batteriefach 4x R6 Batterien Akkus Ladebox Ladefach)
  • Power switch, Breadboards and some flying cables!

Battery Backbone Assembly:

Use the printed parts and 2x M3 bolts and nuts to assemble the battery backbone with the mounting plate. To put a breadboard on the top, use a driller to make two 3.2 mm holes into it. Then assemble it with 2x M3 bolts and nuts. After inserting the battery box you can secure it with the two clamps at the bottom.

  • 3D model format: STL





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