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Meshbot 2

3D model description

Second iteration of Meshbot. Now with more sensors!

Front and back edge detection sensors, one front ultrasonic ping sensor, front long distance IR sensor, and four IR proximity sensors for wall detection.

This bot is designed to work with the following parts:

Arduino Mega
Adafruit motor controller (or similar), a voltage controller, and a bunch of sensors
Pololu motors, quadrature encoder, 30T track set and sprockets
Radio shack 8AA battery holder
Radio shack 8ohm speaker
Radio shack lighted on/off switch
Radio shack red interrupt switch (for resets)
If anybody is interested I can provide more part details and general information.

This bot is called "Meshbot" because I use the mesh features of the Xbee antenna product family to allow robot-to-robot and robot-to-operator communications.

3D printing settings

Most parts are designed to be printed without supports or raft. The battery lid tabs are fairly small so you might want to use a raft there if build plate adhesion is a problem for you.

The pictures should show the assembly process, but I'm happy to add more details.

I'm working on an Arduino shield that is specific to this project, I'll release it here as soon as I can, along with the software.

Here are the parts involved:

30T track set:
Two motors:
Ping sensor:
Four 10cm Sharp distance sensors:
Sharp 10cm distance sensor:
Screws, #2 -56 x 1/2"
Screws, #2 -56 x 3/8"
Motor Controller:
Arduino Mega:

  • 3D model format: STL


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