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mePed Quadruped Robot

3D model description

The mePed Quadruped Robot is an open source robot for anyone who wants to build an inexpensive, 8 degree of freedom, walking robot.

The DXF file is laid out for a 300mm x 200mm laser cutter using either 3mm or 1/8" sheet material for the parts. I used 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood for this build.

The build requires 40ea M3x10mm screws, 16ea M3x12mm Screws, 24ea M3 hex nuts, and 32ea M3 Nyloc hex nuts. Fewer nylocs and more plain hex nuts can be used but I prefer nylocs because they never loosen and they don't cost much more than plain nuts.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop me a line. I'll be continuing to advance the design and release more documentation, sample programs, and details as I have time.

The servo retainers and a few design concepts are inspired by/borrowed from the awesome meArm:

If you're interested in kits, please check out our website:

Here's a video of the first movements of the prototype:

*** 4-5-2015 - Added STL parts file for 3D printers.

*** 4-6-2015 - Added assembly manual

  • 3D file format: PDF and STL





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