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iPad floor stand

3D model description

Now you can sit in comfortably when watching movies, Skyping or Facetiming. This simple and elegant stand holds the iPad at the right height, it works really well. The back legs fold for easy storage.

The slot is 10mm, it will hold most tablets or phones.

The legs are made from 6mm dia stainless rod, or similar. The prints are easy. The spring can be steel or rubber bands.

3D printing settings

I bought the 6mm stainless from a metal supplier, but you may find something similar in hardware stores. You can use a rubber band for the clip, but I found a Century C155 or C161 spring.

Glue the front leg into the base and bottom bracket. Clean the metal with acetone, sand lightly, and use 5-minute Araldite. Then insert the back legs, and glue the locking rings on to prevent them falling out.

  • 3D model format: STL





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