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#HP3D gorila all camera

3D model description

This is a 3d model designed in order to make every camera (modern, ancient, old or smartphone camera) fits in a gorila subjection. The tripod legs ,which make the gorila, must be printed of one piece , that's why we need sopports, whereas for the same reason the tripod legs won't break (ulnless you hit them hard ofcourse). It's great as it allows you to put the cámara at different locations . I think the best point of this creation is that you use the weak point of 3d printing (friction among pieces ) in a useful way so the weak point becomes a strenght

3D printing settings

the just recomendation is if posible use a 2 extruder printer an do de supports with a eassy dissolvent matherial as they could be disolved in wather an therefore easy to remove as the tripod legs must be printed all at once ( this piece is "cámara trípode railes 1-1.stl)

  • 3D model format: STL


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the gears allow you to manipulate the size of the camera and the bearings must be bought the measures are 22mm diameter exterior 8 mm diammeter interior an 7 mm wide