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Hologram Viewer project by Mayku

3D model description

Fetch the hologram template parts from your FormBox starter kit.
Notice how part one of your hologram template has a ledge around the outside edge. This is called an undercut.
Undercuts prevent you from removing templates from your forms.
Be careful not to include any undercuts when designing your own FormBox templates.
To remove the undercut from the template, place the gray pyramid on top of the yellow square.
This creates a smooth edge on the outside, with no undercuts.
We’re now ready to use this template to create a hologram viewer for your phone.

Take a Mayku Cast Sheet from the starter kit.
Peel the protective film from the top of the sheet. Remember, you can put this into household recycling.
Place the sheet in the FormBox, and start to heat the plastic.
Place the hologram template in the centre of the vacuum plate.
When the plastic is ready you will see ripples at the edges of the sheet and a droop in the middle.
Form the template with the Mayku Cast Sheet.
Allow the plastic to cool and gently pop the template out.

Carefully cut away the excess with a pair of scissors.
Place it upside-down on the centre of your phone screen
To get a video to view, visit
For even more hologram videos, search ‘3D phone hologram video’ on YouTube.

3D printing settings

  • 3D model format: STL


We believe in the power of making. The #FormBox is a desktop vacuum former that lets you make professional products from your tabletop.



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