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Fallout Combat Armor

3D model description

This is a replica of the Sturdy Combat Armor from fallout 4 and fallout 76. Pip-boy not included.

I did leave out the leather stuff under the chest pieces and on some of the other pieces as i could not print thing and i had no access to them along with the pouches that go along the waist as again they were not printable and i had no access to bought ones

These models were drawn using reference images to get the most accurate and highest details.

I have the models cut into chunks so it can fit on smaller printers and so if a print fails it's not as bad.

It it sized to fit a 180lbs 6 foot male so if you are bigger or smaller you may need to resize some parts (i sized it based on the inner of each part). If you are female then im not sure if these models will work, you may need to edit some of them, or just go for it and print them, idk.

Most parts are a little small for my liking, but could easily be resized to fit exactly like ingame.

None chunked pieces will be added soon, the Fusion 360 servers seem to be down for me so i do not have access to the editable fill at the moment but when i am able to i will add them.

Note: all parts but the forearm, chest, back, jock, and left and right thighs need to be printed twice, the parts that are to be printed twice are the same for the left and right so i only have one set of models (print 2 forearms if you do not have a pip-boy, if you have a pip-boy the only print one as your pip-boy takes up that space).

  • 3D model format: STL





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