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Ez Arduino Spidey Infrared Control Edition - 12 DOF Quadruped Robot

3D model description

This is the Infrared control edition of Ez Arduino Spidey. The major different is to use Infrared as medium to control the robot. Infrared control involves a infrared receiver diode and a infrared controller such as your TV remote controller. You only can find the 3D model of the body top cover designed to set the IR diode. Other parts of robot models can be downloaded at Ez Arduino Spidey.

Highly recommend you read the making instructions on Ez Arduino Spidey before you build this edition.

### #Demo :

### #Software :
Arduino robot code for IR control in github

### #Electronics :

  • HuaDuino IR Combo or the sole IR kit if you already have HuaDuino. It is fine if you have other IR control (such as your TV remote control) just buy a receiver diode from a hobby shop but you have to modify the key codes in IRcontrolKeys.h respecting to your control. Here is a very good tutorial of Arduino infrared remote control. It's very helpful for you to find your controller's coding.
  • other components such as batteries, servos and etc are same as those you find in Ez Arduino Spidey. But you will not need the bluetooth BLE module.

### #Building Instructions:
It is same as Ez Arduino Spidey, just watching the assembly video and ignore the part for installing Bluetooth BLE module instead to connect the IR receiver diode. Wiring between HuaDuino and IR Receiver Diode are as following
* A0 to S pin of diode,
* 5V to Vcc pin of diode,
* GND to GND pin of diode.

  • 3D model format: STL





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