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Evolved Motorbike Headlight Bracket.

3D model description

This project has involved designing a custom and unique headlight bracket which will house a speedo gauge for a client’s motorcycle.
Due to our distance I have never seen the bike in person, but in this digital age, 3D scanning is possible with our phones and 3D printing can allow for a custom part to be made without distance being an issue.

The design has been through shape optimisation to find an efficient form given the stresses the part will undergo. An efficient 3D pattern has then been made from this form/data.

Shape optimisation and generative design often have an organic aesthetic, eerily similar to bone formations seen within the natural world. This is due to evolution finding an efficient form that is a refection of the stress it undergoes.

Thank you for your consideration.


3D printing settings

The ABS prototype has been printed at a 0.2 layer height, 50% infill.

  • 3D model format: STL





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Such a cool design! I am working on a bike that has an organic theme and this is the sort of thing I have been looking for. I am looking at an end to end piece that flows through the bike is that some thing you would be interested in incorporating this design in to?