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3D model description

A coin sorting device for euro coins designed by my 12year old godchild with some support. It works quite good as long you don't exagerate with the amount of coins.

5cent and 50cent coin have a larger diameter than the 10cent and 1Euro coins accoringly. Therefore the order is inversed for these coins.

Demonstration Video:

We had some fun developing this gadged and used "US Coin Sorter V3.0 by Pentland_Designs" an inspiration. His experience and in his videos was very usefull.
I had already a optimized design for snap in connections which fitted perfectly.

Development Notes:
One picture shows the development of the disk and the funel. (The old versions are in the back)
The fist disk design did not work as the coins wheere not sliding up the champfer. So we reduced the thickness to the thicknes of the 1cent coin.
The funel was the most tricky part. The fist design often clogged. So we added an area so that the coins cold slide up instead of blocking. Unfortnatly the this the coins where sometimes "gliding" over the disk without falling down. This problem was mainly solved by a oval hole and a stepper angle at the front. Ot works well as long there are not to many coins in the funel. Maybe someone designs a even better version, therefore the Fusion 360 file is included.

  • 3D model format: F3D, STEP, and STL





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Des paramètres conseillés pour réaliser ce modèle svp? :-)