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Emoji Set 2

3D model description

This is a set of emoji themed office supplies, including a cord organizer and a sticky notes holder.

To be used with Emoji Set 1 -

Problem Statement:

Recent analysis by the Staples finance department has concluded that sales for desktop

organization products have declined in recent years. The company would like to ramp up their profits in

this area by enhancing the aesthetic nature of these products.

Your group of three has been hired to design a set of theme-based organizational products. Your

team will design a set of office supplies that are tied together with a common theme. You must be able to

justify the theme that connects the products together. The idea is that the customer will not want to buy

just one; they will want to buy the whole set.


 Pencil holder that can securely hold at least 5 pencils

 Expo marker holder than can securely hold at least 4 markers

 Pen holder that can securely hold at least 5 pens

 Tape dispenser that will hold and cut a roll of scotch tape

 Anything you can get approved by your project manager!

  • 3D model format: STL




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