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DSLR Cage (15mm Rail) Remix- with Lasers!

3D model description

This is the second remix I did of for a film class I took last month. The other one is here: The short film I decided to do was on spaying and neutering dogs (Chinese don’t really do this) so I needed to be able to move around and shoot very low at dog height. I came up with this.

I also used two cross shaped lasers to make a sort of viewfinder so I could see where I was shooting without peering down. The parts are included but in the end I didn’t use it since I was not sure if the light might hurt the dogs eyes? The included rail clamps fit a 12mm laser, you can use two cross ones or four line ones. I used cross but I think lines would have worked better. Just set the lines barely outside where the camera crops the image.

As in the original you’ll need 15mm and 20mm aluminum tubing, the stuff I used a lot thicker than I needed I think (15mmOD/10mmID and 20mmOD/12mmID). The end plugs reflect this- but you don’t really need them. It just looks cleaner. I use 17mm wide, 10mm high screw on rubber feet. The thumbwheels are here: The link to the original model details the required hardware.

Parts list:
2 Piece: DSLR_Cage_base
2 Piece: DSLR_Cage_handle
2 Piece: DSLR_Cage_std_clamp
2 Piece: DSLR_Cage_laser_viewfinder_extended_knob (optional)
4 Piece: 15mm_foot_plug
4 Piece: 15mm_end_plug
1 Piece: camera_plate_1-4_20 or camera_plate_3-8

  • 3D model format: STL





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