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CC Phone Stand ***Updated 4/24/2018***

3D model description

Update - 4/24/2108
-Update locking tab, and cradle profile
-Added a slit at the folding point of the cradle to facilitate easier folding
-Added multiple cut-out to slightly reduce filament usage and reduce the amount of plastic waste if the card is broken and discarded instead of recycled.

Reminder, this is made of plastic and will eventually break after multiple use. However, my very first card is still in my wallet and hasn't break yet, and I use it at least once a week :D

*** If any of the folding points break, please do deposit the broken card in a plastic recycle bin to help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfill :D ***

Update - 3/28/2018
-Updated locking tab profile to make setting up the stand easier
-The card is thinner than before. Used to be 1.5mm and now it's 1.25mm.

Ever find yourself needing a phone stand in the restaurant, in the office or at your favorite coffee shop? I have and many times I'd prop my phone up against my drink to watch something, or to keep the kids entertained while waiting for food or the check.
This fits inside your wallet and cost next to nothing in time and filament to print. This will eventually break at the folds due to the nature of the material used. But print a few extras for yourself, your friends, and co-workers.

Be sure to latch the tap into the notch all the way

Use the first notch for horizontal viewing
Use the second notch for vertical viewing

I've tested this stand with the following phones without the phone falling over.
iPhone 6s with Otterbox Defender case (approx~ 15mm thick)
iPhone 6s Plus with Tech21 Tactical case (approx~ 11mm thick)
iPhone X with Tech 21 Evo Check case (approx~ 11mm thick)

Note: This kind of credit card phone stand is also commercially available in various online vendors if you wish to purchase a commercially made one.

  • 3D model format: STL



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