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Calibration Platform for IMU and AHRS

3D model description

This is a calibration device for accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers capable of doing 20 unique attitudes with 45 degrees (skewed) or 90 degrees (straight) of separation resulting in 320 potential poses for a mounted device.

8 yaw poses x 8 pitch poses x 4 straight roll poses +
8 yaw poses x 2 horizontal pitch poses x 4 skewed roll poses

For a complete calibration device you will need to print:

  • A-parts
    • 1x A-1 "cross"
    • 2x A-2 "ring"
    • 1x A-3 "weight"
    • 1x A-4 "pointer"
  • B-parts
    • 1x B-1 "crossbar"
    • 1x B-2 "crossbar fix (male)"
    • 1x B-3 "crossbar fix (female)"
    • 1x B-4 "base"
  • C-parts
    • 2x C-1 "fork (half)"
    • 6x C-2 "fixing cube"
    • 1x C-3 "box"
    • 1x C-4 "bracket (universal)"

The purpose of A-parts is to show the gravitational vector for alignment of the calibration device. I suggest about 30% infill for all parts except A-3. For reasonable application A-3 should be printed with at least 50% infill in order to increase mass.

B-1 & B-2, B-3 & B-4, A-2 & A-3 & A-4, 2x C-2 & B-1 and 4x C-2 & C-3 are supposed to be glued together.

  • 3D model format: STL





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