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badBrick - Speaker Case for Vifa TC6FD00-04 2" Woofer

3D model description

Fits 1 (one) 2" Speaker in a compatible mount Brick. This mount is intended for a Vifa TC6FD00-04 2" Woofer

The case itself can be stand alone or mounted. The (6) mount holes also fit the round Lego shaft pegs in technic kits.

This Case is also compatible with other generic 2 Inch speakers, we just optimized it for the Vifa because its a good quality speaker for its size and price.

If you don't have a 3D printer but you're interested in getting one of these we can print you one at

3D printing settings

In MakerWare, I modify the "Medium" settings:

For the Top and Base of the Case:

Quality: Layer Height = 0.2 and I increase the temp to 240C to let the little larger prints fuse better.

For the Face Plate Covers I change the Layer Height = 0.16 because MakerWare would error out on the print even though the gcode would verify.

All other defaults are the same.

  • 3D model format: STL





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