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Arcade/Macro Controller (+Build Guide)

3D model description

Here is a 10 button macro board / Arcade buttons which the buttons can be programmed to do whatever you want.

Parts list:
For both of these items bare in mind they come with joysticks but everything you need is included.

Hardware Setup:
This arcade controller is incredibly easy to set up just follow the instructions below:
-Plug the red and black wires into each of the buttons. (It does not matter which way)
-Slot the wire endings and then proceed to put each of the buttons in the correctly sized
-Plug the wires from the four buttons arranged in a square into the 4 left most bottom
sockets on the brown joystick circuit board.
-Plug the 4 action buttons into the sockets labeled AU,AD,AR,AL (the top one in AU the
left most one in AL and so on...)
-Plug the top left smaller button on the Arcade box on the 5th most socket and the other
smaller button into the 6th slot.
-put the USB adapter cable end piece through the rectangular cutout (If its a tight fit you
can wiggle it through.
-For placement of the joystick circuit board look at 4th picture of this post. To make
sure everything fits you can bend the contacts of the wire downwards ( can also seen in
the 4th picture)
-Plug the USB adapter end into the slot labelled J5.
-Finally you can glue the lid two the bottom with either double sided tape(temp.) or super

Software Setup:
-For this you only need a piece of software called JoyToKey.
-download link:
-Setup guide: something not shown in
the tutorial which you can do is add multiple key presses to a button at once, to do this
just add another keystroke in the box under the first keystroke when pressing a button.

That's it! Any advice in the comments is welcome and if you want you can donate.

  • 3D model format: STL





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