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92mm to 120mm PC Fan Adapter / Reducer Flush-Fit Wide-Mouth

3D model description

This is a 92 mm to 120 mm PC fan adapter specifically designed to allow fitment of larger 120mm fans onto 92mm mount surfaces, allowing for a cooler and/or quieter PC or project by allowing EVEN MORE airflow than the predecessor design via a box-shaped fitment that is much better suited to wide-open ventilation surfaces.

This .thing's design prevents much additional direct backpressure/backflow, allows for a wider spread of airflow, and doesn't leave gaps on the mount surface for air to escape.

(For my use, it was created to upgrade an ASIC miner: GridSeed Blade, but it should work for anything else that uses 92mm fans)

Now you can use a quieter fan without sacrificing vital CFM!

..or upgrade to a fan with way more CFM!

Wow, Such Fan!.

3D printing settings

Based off TheMeerkat's awesome selection of fan adapters (120to92mm)

Just print (with supports), prep parts, mount it up, plug in fan, and you should be cool.

If you're using this for a mining box like the Gridseed, it is advisable to move the ASIC so the fan overhangs an edge, or prop it up a little with a wedge or feet of some sort.

  • 3D model format: STL





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