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Watch Stand For Michael Kors, Fossil, Diesel

3D model description

For Christmas I gave my wife a Michael Kors Access smartwatch. She is very pleased with it. Of course, it needed a charging stand, so I designed this. High enough to keep the bracelet suspended in air, it fits the charger perfectly and provides a route for the cable to follow.

UPDATE 22.05.18
Michael Kors watches are one of a family of watches built around the same core, and using the same wireless charging cable. This same stand should be compatible with Fossil, Diesel, Misfit and Emporio Armarni chargers amongst others.

To be sure before you print, measure your wireless charger. It should be 26mm across, by 4.6mm deep. (if your charger is different in size, drop me a note - I might be able to change the design for you.)

There are 3 versions included. Kors branded with or without a hole, and Generic (no text) with a hole. The hole allows you to remove the charging base easily, with a pen or other poking device. I recommend that version.

Print at 0.2mm or better, with supports and a brim if your filament is prone to warping. This prints on its side, so the supports are only needed for the holes in the arm to allow cable routing.

  • 3D file format: STL





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