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V for Vendetta Dagger

3D model description

I was finally asked to make my first model for cosplay. A set of 6 daggers for a V / Guy Fawkes costume of V for Vendetta fame. They wanted plastic as the metal replicas are not con friendly. I will post more pictures after they have painted and finished them.

At 150mm x 150mm x 150mm I have a relatively small volume printer (printrbot simple metal) I mistakenly thought it would limit my ability to create but it only made me more creative.

I modeled it off of pictures off of the internet and I am sorry that the wrap around the handle doesn't look like a chain.

I have uploaded the dagger three different ways.

For small volume printers, the model is split into 5 parts and needs 3 keys

For large volume printers, the model is split into 2 parts and needs one key

The whole 18" one piece model
All parts are in the correct orientation for printing. I printed with 4** outer layers and 15 - 20% infill

The key is just a "+" shaped part that fits in between the parts to help with assembly.

Post processing - I used hot glue on one and super glue on another but I also used a wood burner at the seams to weld them smooth/closed. This is why I recommend 4 outer layers/parameters I am pleased with how strong it is.

**This might help someone... If your slicer askes for parameters or outer layers the answer is probably 4 but on other slicers, it might ask for shell thickness (mm) and you will have to do some math. example my nozzle is .5mm so if I want 4 outer layers the math is .5 x 4 = 2mm wall thickness. If your nozzle is .4mm the math would be .4 x 4 = 1.6mm wall thickness.

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Thanks for looking!

  • 3D model format: STL



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