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Thug Glasses + spliff

3D model description

Oh yea, Its a Thug`s life!
Thug glasses.
Scale to fit.

I HIGHLY recommend you lightly sandpaper the inside of the glasses.
Then run water over and wash off.
It's no fun getting filament stuck in your eye!

Try print the spliff in spiral mode in cura.
AND dont try take off bed with hands. use a scraper to bottom ;)

update 31/08/18
made a spliff, joint...etc..

update: 29/07/18
I made the sides of the "glasses" slightly thicker. v1.1

  • 3D model format: STL



I have been interested 3D, since seeing Lightwave3D on the Amiga computer some years ago.

Its only until recently I actually made a 3D model....Thanks to 3D printing; software has improved for creating objects.

I use Fusion360 at the moment.



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