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Sith Acolyte Mask (Star Wars)

3D model description

Edit: 4/15/2017 If you downloaded the sith mask before 4/15/2017 two detail were missing from the mask. The detail on the forehead and around the mouth were missing. See the forth picture for more information. If you did print the mask with the missing details and wanted those parts, I upload those two parts that could be added to your mask. They are labeled "Mouth Detail" and "Forehead Detail."

I decided to add details to my previous Sith Mask. I tried to make it look more like a Sith Acolyte Mask from Star Wars the Old Republic.

Since this is one of my favorite mask I will look to improve it more as my 3d designing skills increase.

From Wiki:

Sith Acolyte was a rank within the Sith Order prior to Darth Bane's reformation. The term was used to refer to Force-sensitive apprentices who had only just started on the dark path under the tutelage of a more experienced Sith Lord to rightfully bear the mantle of Sith.

  • 3D model format: STL



I design props and costumes mostly. I am not an engineer nor a trained artist. I learned almost everything from watching Youtube videos and just messing around in designing software. I started designing with Fusion 360 in August 2016. I'm still pretty new at designing but I have learned a lot about Fusion 360 and designing. I want to share what I have learned so I started a Patreon page. Also I receive too many requests here to make stuff so I had to limit my requests to my patrons.

On my patreon page:

1) I will take requests on making models from my patrons. Since I get too many request here on thingiverse, I need to narrow down the requests. I mostly make Helmets, masks, and other cosplay items. Also since I am still new I can not make everything.

2) I just started adding tutorial videos available to my patrons. These will be about how I design in Fusion 360. Patrons can also request specific topics.

3) Ultimately I want to get a group of people who want to learn together and share their knowledge so we can make awesome things together .



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