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Memento Mori Hoody Pulls

3D model description

Tiny skull accessories that remind you "...that you will die". Take it as you like! The basis for the drive to get more done in life before the big sleep or as a display of your disaffected/latent teen angst!

Or both! I dont care!

Staple the back of your hand to your forehead while wearing these to display a true sentiment of gothic tragedy and ennui.

Dangle them on the end of your one earring while riding with your motorcycle gang across the American southwest. Your one tough mother and your tiny 3D printed skull accessory shows it!

3D printing settings

Derived and remixed with TinkerCad! Printed from 3mm natural ABS on a Makerbot Thing-O-Matic Mk 6 Stepstruder and Automated Build Platform running 4.5 Sailfish.

10% infill

.27mm layer height

1 shell

27/27 feedrate

  • 3D model format: STL





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