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Iron Man MK6 MK 6 Glove Hand with repulsor

3D model description

Here again the Iron Man MK6 glove with repulsor.
The glove is originaly made by "zabana" and remixed by "darkside501st" for papakura.
I just took the papakura model and made a object file of it. Made it thicker and cuted it.

Below the original link for the glove:

I also designed the repulsor. It is made for 4 leds and a big Spot in the middle.
The repulsor should be printed with transparent material.

Fingers added. You need to print the "pointer and ring finger" two times, because they are scaled in the same size. All other fingers solo that you can scale every single finger. My Glove size is about 9 they seem to fit.

  • 3D model format: OBJ and STL





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