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Glass Sword (Skyrim)

3D model description

This is a design I made based on the Glass Sword from Skyrim. I designed it using 123d Design.

It is separated into 14 pieces, 13 if you chose to not use the decorative handle. The 6 pieces that make up the handle fit tightly without any sort adhesive. To add stability I have 10mm shaft going through the part. I used a 12" metal rod in the handle to add some weight to it and a doll rod for the rest of it. all except 2 section of the blade are 200mm in length.

The blades are printed at 15% infill without support, the handle and the end crystal I printed at 15% with support for angles of 60 degrees or less due to the crystal not coming out correctly with the 1st print.

Due to how its designed you need to glue the 2 sides of the blade sections together first before gluing to doll rod and the next section. I suggest using a clamp to hold the sides together while the glues/epoxy dries.

  • 3D model format: STL





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