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Fursuit Brush Clip on Cover

3D model description

Tired of the fragile needles getting bent and damaged when travelling with a pet fur brush?

Protective cover for a CROCI brand (and similar) slicker brush.

If you already have a medium size brush of this style, then print the included stl and enjoy.

If your brush is a different size, this model can be customized to fit most brushes with the following steps:

  1. Take brush, place it on paper, retract needles and trace contour with pen.
  2. Extend lines from contour to match side profile of brush.
  3. Draw square of known size around contour and take photo from medium distance (to avoid lens distortion) with your phone.
  4. In Photoshop / GIMP or equivalent, correct perspective to the drawn square.
  5. Trace path using path tool, forming a 1.5mm thick region adjacent to the drawn line (see path.svg for reference).
  6. Export path to path.svg (replace the one used in the files of this thing).
  7. Edit path.svg to enter total width / total height of drawn region to match that measured from your brush.
  8. Edit SlickerBrushCover.scad in OpenSCAD and add your custom parameters with included offset values.
  9. Profit?
  • 3D model format: SCAD, STL, and SVG



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