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For Honor Warden Helm - Knight

3D model description

This is the Warden Helm from the Game "For Honor". I designed this in Fusion 360 and 3D-Coat. The helm is sized to fit a male adult.

Note : There is a hook for the side of the helm that is not in the pictures.

Edit 4/2/2017: I added "Tabs" that you can glue onto the tabs on the mask to keep it from popping out of the helmet holes.

From Wiki:
"The Wardens are powerful, noble warriors dedicated to the defense of their land and their people. Striking a balance between defense and offense, wardens wear partial plate armor with chainmail and leather. Wardens wield massive two-handed longswords for slashing enemies and blocking attacks. Trained to be proud, loyal, and brilliant diplomats, the Wardens are expected to embody the highest values of Knighthood. Many set out to achieve this, few do."

  • 3D file format: STL



I design props and costumes mostly. I am not an engineer nor a trained artist. I learned almost everything from watching Youtube videos and just messing around in designing software. I started designing with Fusion 360 in August 2016.



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