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Dr Fate Helmet

3D model description

Edit 5/23/17 : Please do not print version 1 of the helmet (v1). The "fin" was too thin at the top and will not print out well. Version 2 of the helmet (v2) will print out the fin better. Also the fin just looks better in version 2.

This is Dr Fate's Helmet (Helmet of Fate). This helmet was designed by the Lord of Order Nabu. So thanks Mr Nabu from providing the design.

This helmet was sized to fit an adult male but check the pdf file for dimensions. the unbits are in millimeters.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP



I design props and costumes mostly. I am not an engineer nor a trained artist. I learned almost everything from watching Youtube videos and just messing around in designing software. I started designing with Fusion 360 in August 2016. I'm still pretty new at designing but I have learned a lot about Fusion 360 and designing. I want to share what I have learned so I started a Patreon page. Also I receive too many requests here to make stuff so I had to limit my requests to my patrons.

On my patreon page:

1) I will take requests on making models from my patrons. Since I get too many request here on thingiverse, I need to narrow down the requests. I mostly make Helmets, masks, and other cosplay items. Also since I am still new I can not make everything.

2) I just started adding tutorial videos available to my patrons. These will be about how I design in Fusion 360. Patrons can also request specific topics.

3) Ultimately I want to get a group of people who want to learn together and share their knowledge so we can make awesome things together .



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