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"Urheilija" ("Athlete") statue

3D model description

This is a photogrammetry scan of the statue "Urheilija" (Finnish for "Athlete") on the Akseli Toivonen sports field, Käpylä, Helsinki. The statue was sculpted by Erkki Toukolehto and unvelied in 1938.

3D printing settings

I took some 130 photos of the statue with my Canon 1000D. I then followed the instructions here:

The scripts there are for Windows, and since I don't have a Windows machine, I needed to adapt them for Linux. I will probably write a blog post about the process later.

After Colmap and OpenMVS gave me the .obj file, I imported it to Meshlab and pruned off the parts of the mesh that weren't of the statue. Once that was done, I exported the mesh as an STL.

As the final step, I imported the STL into Blender for final cleanup, decimation and addition of the cube that repairs the base of the statue.

  • 3D model format: STL





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