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To Print Or Not To Print - Shakespeare at Leicester Square in London

3D model description

If you're on Cults, you know already that, "To print or not to print..." THAT is the question!
This is a remix of Shakespeare at Leicester Square, London from the Scan the World archive at It was just something we felt that the 3D printing community needed. Admittedly, we did this a while back and have been bad about getting around to publishing the share-alike version of the remix, as the license it was published under compels. But here it is, nonetheless. We love him.
We altered quite a few things on it (most notably the scroll) from his tassels and collar to his scroll finger and right heel, but as mentioned, it's been a while.
We have also made a version with the original scroll writing that says "THERE IS NO DARKNESS BUT IGNORANCE" and will get it posted shortly.
Sculpted by Giovanni Fontana after an original by Peter Scheemakers, the one in Leicester Square has formed the centerpiece of the Gardens there in London since 1874. Clearly, this object is in the Public Domain.

  • 3D model format: STL


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