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Taweret sculpture scan

3D model description

Reproduction through photogrammetry of a museum store model of an Egyptian sculpture. This is Taweret, a goddess with the head of a hippopotamus, limbs of a lion, and tail of a crocodile. The original sculpture dates to 664-610 BCE. It was found underwater in 2001 in Abukir Bay, and stands 96cm tall.

This capture was challenging due to the smooth, reflective surface of the model. I eventually resorted to dusting it with talc, but many defects remain. I've included the .obj and .mtl files if you would like to view the capture in color. You can clearly see the talc coating.

Hopefully you can still appreciate some of the beauty and power of the original.

  • 3D model format: OBJ, STL, and ZIP




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