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3D model description

Contains 9 parts.

All parts are divided in such a way that you will print them with the least amount of media.

3D printing settings

Height of the quality layer : 0,1 mm

Initial layer height: 0.3 mm

Line width: 0.4 mm

Wall Line width: 0.4 mm

External wall Line width: 0.4 mm

Interior wall(s) Line width: 0.4 mm

Width of upper/lower line: 0.4 mm

Filling line Width: 0.4 mm

Width of skirt/edge line: 0.4 mm

Initial layer line width: 100%.


Wall thickness: 0.8 mm

Line Count wall: 2

Wall Exterior Clean Distance: 0.2 mm

upper surface skin layers: 0

Top / bottom thickness: 0.8 mm

Thickness: 0.8 mm

upper layers: 8

lower thickness: 0.8 mm

lower layers: 8

Top / Bottom Pattern: Lines

Lower Pattern Initial Layer: Lines Line

Upper / Lower Directions: []

Exterior Wall Frame: 0 mm

Clearing Wall Overlays: Review

Compensate for Outer Wall Overlays: Check the

Compensating for Internal Wall Overlays: Reviewing the

Fill Spaces Between Walls: Everywhere

Filter Small Gaps: Check the

horizontal expansion: 0 mm

Horizontal expansion of the initial layer: 0 mm

Z seam alignment: the

Sharpest corner seam Corner preference: hide seam

Ignore small holes in Z: check the

additional skin wall count: 1


filling Density: 20

Distance: 4.0 mm

of the filling pattern: Grid

arrive Infill line: []

filling X Offset: 0 mm

filling Y Offset: 0 mm

of Overlap filling Percentage: 10%.

Overlap filling: 0.04 mm

Skin Overlap Percentage: 5 % Of

skin overlap: 0.02 mm

Distance from filling cloth: 0.1 mm

Thickness of the filling layer: 0.1 mm

Gradual filling steps: 0

Fill before walls: Check

Minimum filling area: 0 mm2

Skin removal width: 0.8 mm

Removal width of upper skin: 0.8 mm

Removal of the skin from the bottom Width: 0.8 mm

Skin Expansion Distance: 0.8

Expansion distance of upper skin: 0.8

Expansion distance of the lower part of the skin: 0.8

Maximum skin angle for expansion: 90˚

Minimum skin width for expansion: 0.0

  • 3D model format: STL



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