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Stylized Mount Rushmore

3D model description

This is a stylized version of Mt. Rushmore using busts of those four presidents that clearly don't look the same as the real deal, but we like it!
I got the Teddy Roosevelt from the Scan the World archive at the following address:
With its use, the entire thing can be published under the license I want, which using a Roosevelt model on Thingiverse wouldn't allow.
Used from Thingiverse:
The lens frames are added to Roosevelt and know in advance that they're too thin to print well, which turns out great for one of the few times in 3D printing! It's on purpose. Only fragments of them slice and print, so the print winds up looking much like the real Mt. Rushmore in that respect. Go with it! :D
I did sculpt in some eyes and put a mouth on Jefferson, as well as repairing the top of his head, to try to bring him up to speed and get him closer in sculpting to the other models he'd be next to. I mottled his skin a bit, too.
No supports needed- my favorite kind of print!
I have one modeled up with some trees on it, but I plan to look at photographs of the actual place now and move them where they belong! Will be adding that file soon.

  • 3D file format: STL



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