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Spiral Cube of Transcendence

3D model description

Behold, the spiral cube of transcendence. May it grant you great knowledge and uplifting.

The cube's manufacture is one of ease. One must only position the cube in its full magnificence which is achieved by resting the cube on its smallest side on its only cut corner. May then the beholder of the cube select a spiral mode of printing to which layer height may be modified to the beholder's desires. Many filaments there are, but few will grant the beholder of the spiral cube of transcendence all realms of knowledge. To achieve such insightful granting, a beholder must print in the most transparent of filaments, for transparency brings forth transcendence.

May the spiral cube of transcendence ever bring about allotments of knowledge and fulfillment to all who are brave and willing to bring the cube into the world.

  • 3D model format: STL





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