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Roanoke: The Lost Colony // CROATOAN Tree

3D model description

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"Croatoan_Tree_Leaves.stl" Needs supports and possibly a raft

"Croatoan_Tree_Trunk.stl" Does not ^

Overview and Background

August 18, 1590, was the year when John White and his men arrived on Roanoke Island to find it to be abandoned with no trace of permanent settlers. The only clues found were a skeleton belonging to one of the English garrisons, and a nearby tree with the words "CROATOAN" carved into it. It is believed that they became lost at sea traveling to Croatoan Island, thus giving them the famed name: The Lost Colony.

Lesson Plan and Activity

Roanoke: The Lost Colony
Early Colonial Era

About this Thing!

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Designed and printed this model in hopes of helping people gain interest in this major event in history and perhaps for teachers to print and display this visual representation.
Since this model is somewhat educational and has the potential to help people learn, it is available to download for free on my Thingiverse page. In return, I will be accepting tips through Paypal if you really like the model. Cheers!

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