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Rio - Patrick Nagel

3D model description

Who is that pale white lady? A vampire? A succubus?

Anyway, she's smiling so that's good!

Patrick Nagel had a distinctive style that symbolizes the 80's.

He illustrated for Playboy magazine and in 1981 his artwork was featured on Duran Duran's Rio album cover. (disclosure - not a Duran Duran fan, couldn't identify a Duran Duran song if I had to).

I've always liked Nagel's artwork, and the Rio cover in particular.

3D printing settings

Many pieces to this model, but it can all be done on a single extruder machine with at least 200 x 200 build space. Not as simple as pushing a button and pooping out a Baby Groot, but much more satisfying.

Color - I tried to match color as closely as possible, but my filament library falls short on a few elements. In these instructions I'm relating what I did; if you have a better color scheme go for it. (you can make her face yellow and hair blue so she looks like Marge Simpson if that's your fancy.)

Outline, Joint, Hanger - Black, print x4 Outline, x7 Joint and x1 Hanger so you can hang this in your art gallery. Don't sweat if the Outline pieces are not super square, they only have to be close. 0.2 mm layers are fine.

Face, Ear, Teeth - White, change to purple (or grey/silver) at 1.1 mm, change to black at 1.2 mm. 0.1 mm layers.

Hair - Black, change to white at layer 1.1 mm, 0.1 mm layers.

Dress - What I did: started with black, changed to red at 0.9 mm, changed to purple at 1.1 mm changed to black at 1.2 mm. This made the dress darker to match the illustration. Straight red or purple would look nice too. 0.1 mm layers.

Rhombus - Beige, 0.1 mm layers.

L_earring, R_earring - Pink, 0.2 mm layers.

BKG - Light Blue, 0.2 mm layers.

Yellow slash - Yellow, 0.2 mm layers.

Green_slash - Green, 0.2 mm layers.

Lips - Black, change to red at 0.5 mm, change to white at 1.1 mm. 0.1 mm layers.

  • 3D model format: STL





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