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Rick Sanchez vs. Kiddie Assassins - Rick and Morty

3D model description

Rick Sanchez getting beaten up by two little girls.

Print designed for 0.2 mm layer height. I don't recommend reducing the scale, the tolerances would get really tight. I used various PLA filament brands.

Eyes - White
Outline - Black
Pants - Brown
Belt - Different Brown. I started with black and swapped to brown at 1 mm so it would be slightly darker. Eh...
Mouth - Black, filament swap at 0.4 mm and finish with white.
Tongue - Red
Flesh - Skin, flesh whatever race you'd like
Hair - Teal or whatever appropriate blue you have. This color is also the color of his shirt and the glowing bits of the staff.
Shoes - I used grey, this color is also the metal bits of his staff.

Parts fit into the outline, use superglue to attach them.

His outline was too big for my printer, so I sliced off the top of the staff and made it separate. One of the blue bits of his staff will bridge the top to the rest of the outline.

3D printing settings

0.2 mm layers

0.4 mm nozzle

  • 3D model format: STL





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